Office Manager

Financial Accounting, Insurance and Contracts. All patient/client information at your fingetips, Enterprise Class database built in.


Automated Appointment Book! Schedule all your appointments easily and accurately. Scheduling is as easy as 1, 2, 3


Automated Payment Retrieval System. Automatic credit card and check draft processing. Allows you to have planable cash flow. Eliminates collection calls. Reduces stress and labor in the office.

Lenovo Reseller

Have Peace of Mind with a Lenovo Computer!

Why should you buy from us?
  • Latest technology
  • Hardware pre-configured and tested
  • Software pre-installed, configured, and tested
  • Dependable hardware
  • Manufacture's on-site warranty

Available Services

  • Ortho Web
  • Web Bio Time
  • Off-site Backup / Verification
"This SUPPORT TEAM will bend over BACKWARDS for you... always PLEASANT and FRIENDLY."
Judy Farmer