BioTime is a web-based, biometric time management service. Convenient fingerprint login eliminates "buddy punching", and the web-based admin panel allows admins to login from anywhere to view statistics and make changes.

Office Manager Suite

Office Manager is the core program of a suite of software used to manage your practice. Some features include patient demographics, responsible payer ledgers, contracts, and insurance all stored in the built-in, enterprise class database. Accessing patient information is fast and easy! If your office needs more, no problem! Simply add additional modules such as Scheduler, Patient Sign In, Communicator, APRS, Tx Card, and more to get the features and automation your practice desires!


Still sifting through papers for your schedule or do you only want to allow certain procedures at specific times?
Scheduler allows your staff to quickly and easily schedule appointments for your patients based on a custom template for your practice.


From the initial exam to communication with the patient's general dentist, Communicator is a great way to make sure everyone involved in your patient's treatment is on the same page.

APRS (Automated Payment Retrieval System)

Automated Payment Retrieval System. Automatic credit card and check draft processing. Allows you to have planable cash flow. Eliminates collection calls. Reduces stress and labor in the office.

Treatment Card

Never lose a chart again! Access electronic records chair-side through a touch screen monitor. Grow your practice without adding staff.

Patient Sign In

Is your practice running on time? Easily track and manage patient flow through the office as patients come and go to see!

Doc Saver

Quickly scan charts, insurance forms, and other documents to a digital database organized by your patients. Also, add additional sub-folders to make your data collection even more organized.


Office Manager seamlessly integrates with Ortho Web for a complete patient portal and reminder system.